Understanding Suicide As Social Phenomenon in Indonesia, Nowdays.

https://twitter.com/syailarizaDitulis oleh: Syaila Rizal, S1 Sociology Universitas Indonesia Alumni.

In the last few days a suicide issue become the annunciation throughout the media in Indonesia. There are many forms such as by hanging himself, drinking poison, jumping from the top floor of a building, etc. The most suprising was the incident of suicide conducted by one familiy members. This incident occurs to Anita’s (58) families along with his son Rudito (39) and Lina (41) also Dani (11) which is the Anita’s grandson. Based on the result of the crime scene in the victim’s home, police managed to secure the evidence of insect venom and glass. Insect toxins were presumably consumed by them to end their lives.

This Suicide incident assumed as their family business in Karuhanan Bendan and Kraton was in troubled. Kasat Reskrim Police of Cirebon AKP Hidayatulah declared, his temporary allegation that the victims were in desperate due in debt in large numbers. He said that he had asked the hotel manager information and the victim’s family.

At first glance, many people defined that suicidal behavior as a personal or individual choice. Suicide is often done as a result of desperate. The cause is often associated with psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, alcohol dependence /alcoholism, or drug abuse. However, to Emile Durkheim (1897) individual don’t cause suicide, suicide is a social fact that some members of society participate in for various social reason.

In Indonesia, the suicide rate about hard to come by. It seems still to be something that is not important to be revealed. If there are numbers then we will be able to analyze more deeply, whether men or women who are likely to commit suicide. Whether a particular religious affiliation, or whether someone with a high socioeconomic status or low. It is interesting to be reviewed so that it can later be found the solution to this problem.

From Durkheim prespective we can said that Anita’s family incident included in Anomic Suicide. Its happened when Family business built by Anita’s family is failed. This led the family’s members lost them job even worse is entangled by debts. Then they go through sudden chages in their lives, they lose their regulative influence which they have felt before. This sudden changes bring stress and frustration to their family. This situasion led them to normlessness condition.

It can also be seen that there are pressure within this family. In order to fulfill family’s functions as providing material needs for their members. However, this action destroy the role of the family instead. Such as gives a sense of warmness, safety, comfortable feeling, protection, etc. Even though it looks like there is also very strong affection function where the family’s members finally willing to commit mass suicide.

There are also caused by external, social forces. Moreover, when the power of regulation in society was also disrupted, this is exacerbating their condition. They felt difficult to find solutions to their own problems. And they are also lack of social controls over their family to aplicate a common norms and tend to perform destructive actions. They felt hopeless with other social units that may be able to help them. So suicide becomes the alternative ending to solved their problems.

What interesting thing is that about there is any contradiction of integration could explain this case. On one hand when they do not get social control and social support to solve their problems. This reflects the lack of integration that exists in society today. But in the other hand, when they commit suicide to run out from sense of embarrassment due to not being able to pay their debt and fear of legal sanctions this one tells us that there is such a strong community integration. So that a person tend to be unable to deal with social sanctions they might receive when they are no longer able to behave as others expected to them. So suicide be the only alternative ending to run out.

Finally, if the matter as has been described previously, the solution should be taken is to build the strong connections to family and community to support our cultural and religious beliefs that discourage suicide and support self preservations and various other types of social support.

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