mom is my heart (versi English)

how are you today?
I write this letter with a sense of longing that is so big upset
you still remember last time we met?
I will never forget that your hands warm hug with tears in his eyes stroking my hair and kissed me, then you say “Jul, remember the message mother, enrico and strong guard there”
and do not forget to kiss enricoku who was not even two months old too.
why it should be our last meeting bu ya?
sometimes I feel upset because it’s so hard-hearted not want to hear to stay in our big house, but it’s all right not to be sorry bu?
I write this letter with teary eyes, your eyes do every hug all of your children.
I’m sorry mom, because when first I ever doubt your love, when first I ever thought that your precious child only brother, because you’re so proud of every story about him, eyes filled with love.
but it turns out,
you’re too proud of me, you also told them everything about me with eyes full of love like that. even you think I’m the beautiful daughter of 6.
I write this letter to continue my letter for you that somehow I foolishly never sent up last time, but I, abak, kakak2, brother and sister, we all put my letter on your favorite pillow, you read right Mom?
do not be upset with the contents of the letter,
I and enrico is not with him anymore, Mom.
I hope all this does not make you sad as well.
though I can not look into your eyes again, though I can not hug your body, even though I could not say how much I miss you, though I could not apologize for making you cry,
Know, then,
I always loved you
I promise I will always keep enrico and give love as always you give me
I love you like this
and will never end ..
I presented to my mother dear a year ahead of his departure ..
  1. wah bagus critanya kal 🙂

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